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INTRODUCTION TO BEGINNER LATIN DANCE. Discover Latin dance, the fun and social way to improve your health. Join a friendly absolute beginners class and learn the basic steps of the world’s most popular Latin social dances. Classes include the Merengue and the cheeky, playful Chachacha. Both dances have lots of hip action you are sure to love! Thursday at 6:30 pm $15


BEGINNER 2 INTERNATIONAL LATIN DANCE. Welcome back! This lively beginners class will review the Merengue and Chachacha and add three new dances. Discover the passionate Rumba with lots of hip action, the exciting Samba with rhythm, bounce and spins and the energetic Jive with sharp kicks and flicks! $15


BEGINNER 1 BOOT SCOOTIN’ LINE DANCE. It’s great fun…it’s great exercise and you don’t need a partner! Join this supportive entry level Country & Western dance class and learn the basics of Line Dance at a comfortable beginner pace. Dances are mainly based on the Country and Western tradition. Throughout the year a selection of seasonal dances add interest and entertainment. Mondays 5:30, $10



STEP BY STEP ABSOLUTE BEGINNER LINE DANCE Missed a few classes ? Just starting? Join a small group. This class breaks down all steps and Line dance figures. Ask questions and repeat dances until you feel comfortable. Tuesdays at 6:30 pm $10


INTERMEDIATE BOOT SCOOTIN’ LINE DANCE  Join the Boot Scootin’ Line Dancers and learn the most popular current dances from around the world! This heart pumpin’ class will help you feel fabulous and a little fitter. New dances are continually added to reflect modern trends and mixed genre music. Dances are longer and more complex with the addition of tags, restarts and ABC sections. Theme related dances include Seasons, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day and Halloween. Boot Scootin’ Line Dancers are invited to participate in  parades, recitals and community events. Mondays 6:30pm, $10


SOLO BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE  No need for a partner. This class is all about you and your style. This elegant entry level introduction to Ballroom and Latin dance rhythms will empower & inspire you to get dancing and enjoy being active. Have fun and feel great with Chachacha, Merengue, Samba, Jive and Quickstep. Warm up and cool down with Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Rumba. Thursday at 5:30 pm $15


BEGINNER BALLROOM DANCE FOR WEDDINGS & SOCIAL EVENTS. This class is a great introduction to the elegant and graceful art of Ballroom dance. Thursday at 7:30 pm. $15




FAMILY BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE. Dance your way to stardom in this high energy family social dance class with a great mix of Ballroom, Latin and party dances. $10


INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE. Enjoy dancing games and explore Ballroom and Latin dance rhythms in this action packed family dance class designed ages 5 and older. $10



FAMILY LINE & PARTY DANCE. Line dance is great fun, low impact and can be danced at any age. Dances are performed in lines with everyone dancing the same moves at the same time. Throughout the year seasonal dances add interest and entertainment. $10



YOUTH NEWCOMER AND BRONZE INTERNATIONAL LATINDANCE. This fun, high energy class introduces young dancers to the excitement and rhythm of  the cheeky Chachacha, the rhythmic Rumba, the Jumpin’ Jive, the exciting Samba and the intense Paso Doble. TBD $15


YOUTH NEWCOMER AND BRONZE INTERNATIONAL STANDARD DANCE. This class is a great introduction to the elegant and graceful art of Ballroom dance. Four dances are introduced each with it’s own charm and tradition. The Waltz epitomizes style and grace with beautiful rise and fall and body sway. The Tango, full of drama and controlled aggression, is danced with passionate head turns and staccato action. The Quickstep is lively and energetic with nimble hops and skips. The Slow Foxtrot is smooth and elegant with a beautiful gliding motion across the floor. TBD $15

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